announcing the art of 'do the evolution' event

We are extremely excited to announce The Art of 'Do The Evolution' Event exclusively for Collectionzz members, beginning on Wednesday, March 28, 2018 at 2PM EDT, and continuing at further dates/times to be announced. WE ARE SEPARATING THE SALE INTO DIFFERENT DATES to ensure we can provide the quickest shipping possible, and to give Collectionzz members more than one opportunity to obtain these one of a kind pieces!

To put the scarcity of these items in context, there are less than 100 of the original storyboards in existence. 

This Preview Page only includes items that will be available on March 28 at 2PM EDT. We will announce the preview and sale dates for the rest of the pieces at a later time while.

'Do The Evolution' was a landmark achievement in animation, conceived and designed by true visionaries in animation; such as Todd McFarlane, Kevin Altieri, Joe Pearson, Terry Fitzgerald, Jim Mitchell and Brad Coombs (and many more). 

All storyboards, designs, layout, animation, animation clean up, ink and paint, background paintings, EFX and camera were done by hand. It was a labor-intensive process involving close to 60 artists and technicians in L.A. and Seoul. The items that will be available are truly one of a kind pieces of Pearl Jam and animation history. 

Collectionzz members will have the ability to purchase individual sketches, whole storyboards and animation cells - and also - complete packages of many of the most iconic scenes in the video:


From conception...

Epoch Ink's skilled artists formalized the scene's concepts and created storyboards, who would then pass it to Todd McFarlane and Terry Fitzgerald for final approval by Eddie Vedder.


To production...

Once the storyboards were approved by the band, the artists created sketches to lay out design elements such as what colors were going to be used in the animation process.


To history.

Teams of artists hand-painted dozens of animation cells with precision, creating the final piece of the puzzle and delivering 'Do The Evolution'.

(This sequence is available as Package: Scenes 9(2))

This event could not be possible without Joe Pearson of Epoch Ink Animation, the video's co-producer. Joe has been the overseer of these materials for twenty years, and in advance of the publication of his book 'Pearl Jam: Art Of Do The Evolution' (available for presale now on Amazon), thought it was time to get these historic pieces into the hands of fans and collectors. There will never be another time when all of these pieces will be in one place, at one time, ever again.